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Motor sports is a term to include group of sporting events that involve the use of motorized vehicles for a racing or non-racing competition. This activity involves a lot of physical exertion and skill for an individual to compete and indulge in a fun way. It demands ultimate concentration, focus, good physique and the driver should be able to handle dire stress and perform at a higher level. Motor racing is very physically and mentally challenging and puts the mind and body through stress like any other competitive sports. It includes lot of physiological and psychological attributes to efficiently manage stress in an environment that is rigorously subjected to heat, gravity and bodily injury risks.Auto racing is a sport that involves the racing of automobiles for competition. This kind of sport involves a mix of athleticism, competition and strategy. The different types of auto racing include formula racing, sports car racing, off-road racing, Touring car, production car racing etc. Formula one, Formula two, Formula three, Formula four racing are world renowned racing games.

Kinds of motor sports

Motor racing is a kind of sports that involves racing extremely powerful and fast cars around a track. It includes various kinds like motorcycle road racing, off-road racing, open course or in-circuit racing and racing in tracks, hill climbing, drag racing and land speed record trials. It involves greater skill and knowledge to involve racing automobiles for competition.There are various kinds of motor sports like autocross, rallycross, demolition derby, ProSolo, go karting, rally America, Time trials, drag racing, hill climbing, air racing, circuit racing, motor rallying, sprinting etc. Autocross is a competitive motor sport wherein drivers try to race one another in an 800 to 1200-meter-long field in the shortest time. Rallycross game is finishing the target in the shortest possible time to check and is more like autocross except that cars are made to race in gravel. Wear and tear of the car must be considered in this racing. The risk of body harm in this sport is considerably less when compared to other forms of motor racing. In demolition derby, drivers race to crash each other and the incidence of bodily harm in this sport is very high. ProSolo is similar to drag race but with corners.

Go Karting is a game where cars race in laps wheel to wheel. Rally America, as the name indicates, is specifically for rallying. It involves a co-driver to join the team as a crew and chance of getting hurt in this game is very common. License, fire retardant suit, helmet, racing shoes are mandatory in this sport for the safety of the drivers. Time trials is for racers who would want to get on the track and try to finish the fastest lap on time. Retaining walls will be a challenge for the racers in this game than of a competing car.In circuit racing, number of cars race wheel to wheel on a race track. The winner of the race will be the first person to reach the chequered flag after completing the necessary laps. Qualifying sessions will help determine the position that the competitors start to race from. The driver who sets the fastest lap in qualifying session will be awarded the first place and will hold the winning pole position.Following characteristics are necessary for a motor car race driver to ace the sport. The drivers should have the necessary grit and nerve to overcome fear. The flexibility and attitude to adapt across a long range of motion is always desired of a race car driver. The speed and presence of mind to move quickly and endure that skill and action for a long time is also critical skill to possess. The hand eye coordination to react quickly to sensory perception and the analytical aptitude to react and calculate the strategic and plausible situation is needed for a motor car race driver.
To participate in a racing event, it is better to familiarize with race meeting and engage in conversation with fellow race car drivers. This will help get an idea about the racing nuances and the next step would be to procure a license stamping and medical fitness clearance. The choice of the car for the event should be such that it should comply to the MSA regulations. This car choice should clear the test of the scrutineer for putting it into use for racing. This must be accompanied by a helmet, frontal head resistant device, fireproof overalls, boots and gloves.Top racing drivers are paid an annual retainer and reputed drivers can make a solid income depending on one’s ability and experience for their livelihood.Best Cars that can be used for racing are Toyota, Nissan, DSM, Honda, Mazda, Acura, Lexus, Holden, Subaru, Ford Falcon, Peugeot etc. In order to make these cars more efficient and faster for racing conditions, drivers normally maintain the spark plugs, electric fans, electric fuel pumps, Air intake, fuel injection, Exhaust, performance chips in very good condition.