Drag racing is the very spectacular racing sport in which two cars will be pitted against each other and measured for the driver’s ability to finish quarter of a mile in the quickest possible time. It is one of the loudest and fastest sport which causes tremor to the ground where cars race at a speed of 300 mph. In this sport, two classy cars line up side to side and accelerate their way to the finish line that will be just a quarter mile away. In order to participate in the race, it is necessary to be familiar with the sport by watching the Drag racing events and chatting with pro drivers to seek some advice. The easiest route would be to join a drag racing club and apply for a non-race National B competition license. The class and kind of cars shall vary based on the drag racers as well as the road, but it is mandated that the cars must comply to the mandated regulations for participation in these events. Various factors shall come into picture for choosing the engine size, structure, fuel type and modifications. Also, the safety kit for participants in the drag race like helmet, gloves, racing suit, boots, goggles must adhere to the MSA compliant safety regulations.