Motorcycle Speedway is a team-oriented motor racing sport wherein 4-6 drivers compete in an oval track of 300 metres length for completing anti-clockwise laps. It takes approximately 1 minute to complete 4 laps and the average speed of the drivers is 83 km/h. Riders use the dirt surface to slide their bikes sideways into the bends that this sport is called power sliding or broadsiding. This sport has its origination from New South Wales, Australia.Speedway bikes run on methanol that gives the necessary power than other similar fuels. It increases the compression ratio to the engine that results in higher speed for the driver. Methanol fuel used in the bikes should be pure and contaminant free. These bikes are manufactured with no brakes and only one gear. Only way that the drivers employ to start and stop the vehicle during the competition is to use the clutch. The engine tank can hold 500 cc of methanol fuel and can accelerate for 60 mph speed in 2.5 seconds. The tank will be able to hold fuel for one race.The vehicle should be equipped with dirt deflector, approved silencer and guards fitted on the possible engine parts that move. During the game when the driver runs into any difficulty, he or she will not be helped by anyone and they will have to push the vehicle themselves. The track length can vary between 260 and 425 metres and have a pit area for the riders, mechanics and bikes to have space for changing their machinery. The surface of the track consists of layers of grading comprising of shale and other loose materials that are continually graded using tractors. Grand Prix Event and World speedway Championship are some of the popular competitive events for this racing sport.